Oops Mystery Mouse Pad

Oops Mystery Mouse Pad

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Benefit from minor oops/mistakes, by ordering a ‘perfectly imperfect’ mouse pad at a discount. These mouse pads have minor ink ghosting, small areas of blurred ink, or other cosmetic imperfections that will most likely go unnoticed to the normal eye. The exact mouse pad design you receive is a surprise and cannot be picked. Although these mouse pads aren’t perfect, they’re still super cute and add some fun to your workspace!


9.6” wide x 7.9” high (approximately 0.1 mm thick) 


Listing is for 1 mouse pad

The mouse pad design is a mystery and cannot be picked

The mystery mouse pad is sold as is, and specifically described as an “oops,” because the mouse pad will have some form of cosmetic mistake/error/oops  

Non-slip rubber base on backside